Rainbow Industrial Catering - UAE


Our Industrial Catering Division has been setup to cater the growing labor force in the U.A.E. An Appetite for excellence Rainbow Catering Services Company LLC provides catering services to all classes of customers,from construction workers working on infrastructure projects to captains of industry in company boardrooms,and it is our mission to ensure that we provide, nutritious, well presented and attractive food in every location. Everyday, ourcatering teams serve over 40000 meals and snacks and always succeed in matching quantity with quality.The outstanding menus we offer make a measurable difference to the well-being of the people who work for you–where ever they work.

We have the ability to apply food service production techniques and establish volumes production requirements, logistics planning, logical workflow and smooth delivery for arange of major public and private hospitals, commercial operators and airlines companies.

Leading world-class cater in the region.
Over 40,000 working breakfast/lunches/dinners everyday.
Made from the freshest ingredients

Rainbow Catering Services focus on our business of providing world class Catering and related services, allows our respected Clients to concentrate on their core businesses. With an uncompromising focus on maintaining the highest hygiene standards,our catering teams display a consistent commitment to world- class quality and service, using the best ingredients at the most competitive price.

Transcending the Quality Standards

We cater to employees working across a wide range of sectors and tailor our menus according to their needs and their work. Our occupational health team ensure that the food we serve is always healthy, well presented and appropriate to their nationality, culture and work style.

Transcending the Quantity Norms

We have the facilities and technologies to meet large volume production requirements, logistics planning, logical workflow and smooth delivery. That’s why we remain the trusted caterers for the majority of the prestigious public and private events in the region; regular lunch supply to hospitals; commercial operators; and airlines companies.

Transcending the Cultural Borders

We have expert culinary masters to create authentic cuisines from world over including European, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, Arabic etc.

Core Services
  • Catering Services
  • Hotel and Club Management
  • Facility Management
  • Camp Management
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial Services


    Army of professionals

    We have more than 900 highly trained professional staff who creates the magical touch of Rainbow at our state-of-the-art kitchens. Without them, we would not have become the most preferred choice of our clients. Our staff leads us to success. Our army of well-trained cooks, servers, cleaners and dishwashers, proudly follow good hygiene practices, and food & safety regulations of the nation.

    Wealth of experience

    When we launched our professional catering service, the market was so virgin. We drew the experience and expertise from our parent Rainbow Group, which had already made its mark in the hospitality sector with it renowned Rainbow Restaurants and Hotels. No wonder, we remain one of the top caterers in the region. Our impeccable tradition of service is created over the last two decades. We are proud about our impeccable tradition of service. Right from our early years, we have been looked up on in the market for setting up the standards for industrial catering in the region.

    Incredible Diversity

    We serve authentic European, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Thai, Arabic culinary fares. Our chefs excel in recreating the cuisines from diverse culinary cultures and eating preferences. You can enjoy this diversity in delivery orders, working lunches or at our food court during lunch and snacks breaks. Diversity doesn’t end there. Right from construction workers to company board members, each of them come and dine here at our comfy and highly functional food courts.

    Trusty Logistics

    Our highly competent logistic team, we deliver up to 40,000 food packs a day. It’s our uncompromising professionalism, planning and dedication that have earned great mileage in our market reputation, especially in handling huge volumes.

    State-of-the-art Facilities

    Our innovative and state-of-the-art kitchen machines, they are capable of withstanding intense work schedules, save time, resources and energy. Our massive kitchens feature highly automated innovative cooking systems like steamers, dish washers, salad choppers, packaging machines and so on. Without such highly advanced kitchen amenities we wouldn’t have been successful applying food service production techniques and meet our huge volume production requirements. We proudly produce over 40,000 working lunches a day.


    We strictly follow ISO and HACCP guidelines as well as those laid down by our in-house quality control teams. The guidelines are monitored right from raw ingredients to the finished meals, including process water, staff uniforms, and engineering requirements. Daily quality and quantity checks are done on the food packs going out of our unit. Our quality control team also monitors the nutritional value and food presentation..


    We have entered into agreement with several largest International and National companies across the UAE for many years and are successfully operatin with our team of professionals. Our hardwork in this department has earned us a good reputation